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  • I really love gyros and I really love pizza - and I am so impressed with Denver Pizza Company for having the genius idea to combine the two in their "Hero" pie. AND - am so impressed that the end result is so delicious.
    Erin S.
  • Have you ever thought, " I just want a really good piece of pizza tonight" Well then Denver pizza company just might be the right place to go. Good pizza at a good price. They had a special deal for 2 med, 2 topping pizzas for $8 bucks per pie.
    Nick J.
  • So we ordered a fairly large takeout order from the DPC...and being that we are a collection of vegans, vegetarians and gluten free people, you could imagine the complexity of our order. But amazingly enough the order arrived on time, it was correct - delicious too. I'm not a fan of delivered items and being the foodie I am, I think everything should be consumed in a restaurant, this impressed me for takeout. Great job on the pizza Phil...really like your stuff.
    Valerie G.